Wine security tokens

Drinking is important, provide you best tokens security on Liquid. You will receive some "glass" tokens of your favourite drink using the form you will find in this page.

If you can't get your tokens or you want to understand what Liquid is, join the Liquid community on telegram or follow Drunkoshi on Twitter.

Available token

Name: Pinot

Asset UUID: df36e373-82c9-4412-a993-50c4ae12db6f

Asset ID: 6129504dafd3924f1cd18087da1e907e4d8813529b489d0883e82de79a6b0bad

Investors Restricted: False

Issuer Authorization Endpoint:

How to receive tokens?

You can receive some tokens in th following way:
  • Install the Blockstream Green and create a new Liquid wallet,
  • Crete a Liquid Securities Account,
  • Click on receive and copy the Account ID,
  • Paste the Account ID in the following form.

When I will receive my tokens?

Sassicaioshi Freisamoto doesn't like spam and plans to do only ONE transaction per day (normally while he is drunk).

Who pays?

Sassicaioshi Freisamoto loves you and will pay the fees. If you want to contribute with Liquid BTC you are welcome to, please send to the following address VTq2xrGoMBoJwM83uWEQLsduu4Y1pembfDWSJMyFEsHgYBmrcHRXZJqVL67GAfBtv92Po4Mnmcn16PWW.